The Comparation Of The Typical Heating Material On Market

  • Metal composite fiber heated pad
    • Advantage
      • Temperature rising fast, high and even
      • Very thin soft like a normal lining
      • Waterproof , can be both hand washed and machine washed
      • Nonflammable, not melt down under high temperature up to 300 degree.
      • Long working life up to 5 years
    • Disadvantage
      • The price is slightly higher

  • CNT heated pad
    • Advantage
      • Suit or single piece working
    • Disadvantage
      • Price high
      • Heated converting efficiency low, temperature risings low
      • the connection wire too small, easy to be broke
      • Sealed airtight, inappropriate for clothes

  • graphene heated pad
    • Advantage
      • New material
      • Good for single piece
    • Disadvantage
      • Price high
      • New product, working stability ramain unknown
      • Small heating area

    Aisycle heated jacket uses the third heated pad – Metal composite fiber heated pad, which is the most suitable and competitive heating material at present. For more information about our heating clothes, please click here.

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