2602, 2019

The development of smart heating clothing‘s battery

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What's are traditional smart heating clothing? Traditional heated jackets use carbon fiber as the heating material, an external 7.4V mobile power supply is used as the energy supply. Long presses the switch to activate the [...]

2202, 2019

3 Kinds Of People Are Not Suitable For Wearing Heated Clothes

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This year's winter is another grim test for countries or regions in the northern hemisphere. In some European countries, cold weather has made heated clothes a must keeping warm clothes. But some doctors warn that [...]

2801, 2019

What kind of power bank does the heated jacket needs to use?

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Aisycle heated jacket didn't have too much requirement about the power bank, you only need an common power bank which output current is greater than 2A to power it. And of course you can buy [...]